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Career Questions tagged Importance

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan May 31, 2018 339 views

Do you think having a college education will continue to become more important? Or will it lose importance since more and more people aren't going to be able to afford it?

Will college educations be beneficial to people in the long run in the future? #importance #affordability

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Mar 13, 2018 549 views

How important is travel to becoming educated, intellectual and well- rounded?

It always seems as if the most interesting and thought- provoking people that I meet are those who have traveled the world and had many experiences. Do you think traveling is essential to becoming the most educated, influential and intellectual person one can be? #travel #education #importance...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 16, 2016 2841 views

How important is the National Honor Society?

I was recently nominated to apply for the national honor society at my high school. I was wondering if I can get an answer about what are some important things that they do. I already understand that that it helps out a lot in a community and that it looks great on a college application....