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What kind of career can a French major have?

I am looking for different job opportunities for French majors. #job #french

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2 answers

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Tish’s Answer

Hi Kate,

Have you ever considered being an educator? Do you think you have the patience to teach the language to non-French speaking students in high school or at a collegiate level? If your passion is French history, maybe one day you can teach French history at some of the top colleges around the world. Do you like research?

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Marie-France’s Answer

Majoring in French opens doors to many opportunities like teaching, communications career, interpreter for the United Nations (UN) or any other institutions, including in litigation, government positions, etc.. There are a multitude of options. Right now, I have degrees in Computer Science, Communications, Business Administration, Information Systems Management, and Healthcare IT Systems Management. Anyone of those degrees was sufficient for helping me get to where I am today. So, if you enjoy French, stick with it. What you will learn in school will prepare you for practically any kind of career.