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how to speak in french language?

hi i am nandhini i want to speak in french but i do know how to speak in french language. #professor #student #french

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2 answers

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Maroua’s Answer

From my experience, it is possible to learn a language by yourself, it's harder than learning with a teacher but possible. First of all, you should start with basics such as alphabets, you can look for videos on youtube to learn the right pronunciation, once you master that, look for french texts online and start reading them, start with short ones, it's okey if you don't understand, the point here is to get used to the language. Then you can start focusing on grammar and vocabulary, there are a lot of websites that offer that. There are 3 types of verbs in french, 1st group, 2nd group and 3rd group, for a beginner, you can start with the 1st and 2nd groups because they are easier and follow a pattern in their conjugation. Once you get that under control, you can start what i call "the fun type of learning" which means watching french videos (movies/anime/youtube videos) with english subtitles, that way your ears will get used to french and your vocabulary will expand. Also, read french texts out loud to sharpen your pronunciation. Good luck.

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Maija’s Answer

It is always best to learn a new language with a teacher, either in person or online, over a platform like Skype can be good especially for conversation and pronunciation checks. Some try to do it with apps and dictionaries and wonder why they struggle. Regular practice is key, taking the time to study and having someone to ask questions and receive feedback.

thank you mam Nandhini R.

Thank you mam.This question is very usefui. Ebince R.

Thank you mam. It is useful to me. Jeevika S.