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Career Questions tagged Daily

Marlene U.’s Avatar
Marlene U. Jan 28, 2020 310 views

What does your daily schedule consist of?

As a General Pediatrician, what do you typically do on a daily basis? Are most days pretty crazy or very relaxed? Is it pretty routine or do things change based on the day? etc. doctor healthcare medicine medical GeneralPediatrician schedule daily...


Sofia G.’s Avatar
Sofia G. Nov 08, 2019 493 views

What is the day in the life for a health information technician?

I'm in IT class right now and our assignment is to research an IT career, mine is a health information technician. I'd like to know what usually goes on in the field. healthinformation healthcare IT informationtechnology technician daily...


breanna W.’s Avatar
breanna W. Apr 12, 2018 402 views

I am interested in becoming a nurse but i am not sure if that is what I am interested in doing the rest of my life. I just want to know what other careers there are that pays like a nurse and I would still like it.

I am in 10th grade and i am interested in chemistry cosmetology and also many things that help other maiby in there daily life. nursing career options learning # helping others daily...