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What is your daily routine in your profession?

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9 answers

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Jason’s Answer

I work for a global company, so I always check my email first to see if anything urgent happened in another time zone. I try to exercise 3-4 times per week, and it usually works best for me to do that in the morning before work. Then I will either drive to work, or work from my office at home depending on the day.

Most of my days are made up of meetings with co-workers, people who work on my team, or customers. It can vary a lot though, sometimes I might have three meetings and sometimes I might have ten or more. I also spend a lot of time responding to questions, contributing my thoughts, or putting plans together to help our employees or customers.

I usually end my day by looking at my calendar for the next day and the rest of the week. It helps me to think ahead and have a plan.
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Tess’s Answer

Hi Jason,

My days vary but most days, I start with a big cup of coffee! Before I check my emails, I make sure that I give myself time to center my thoughts and breathe deep. I also try to get a work out as I find that this positively affects my energy level throughout the day. After this, I get right into work mode by checking my emails and my calendar.

Hope this helps.
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Vickie’s Answer

I work in shipping and receiving. My routine first thing is to turn on my computer and check and answer any emails I have received. After emails I see what needs to be entered into the computer for the day we receive parts daily and weekly. I then prioritize what needs to be entered first. After I complete that task I work my way through entering the parts and sending them to the right person to test them. At the end of my day I check my emails and turn off my computer and go home.
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Cosmina’s Answer

Hi Randi,

Everyone may have a different morning routine but for my 8:00 am-5:00 pm job in tech sales working remote my morning routine is as follows:
*Wake up at 5:30 am to work out.
*Run & workout at 6:00am 7:00am.
*Shower immediately after.
*Make coffee, eat breakfast.
*Log onto my work computer around 8:00 am
*Check emails & organize email folder/calendar.
*Prospect for an hour.
*Call on customers, then send emails.
*Sit in on zoom to shadow some Sales Reps calls.
*Team meeting.
*Study up on products & sales processes such as the sales cycle.
*Check in with my manager.
*Organize my calendar for the next day.
*Clock my hours.
*Log off the computer.

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Mariah’s Answer

I'm a program manager in the IT tech industry. I work with customers to launch their products and solutions on my company's hardware.

1) My day generally starts around 8am-9am. The first thing I do is look at my calendar and get a sense for the pacing of my day. When are my meetings? What are they for? Do I have to prepare for any of them? If so, I make sure to block the preparation work off on my calendar so I am prepared for my meetings
2) Once I've got my day mapped out, I start addressing e-mail. My job is global so when I first log on in the morning, I see if there is anything important that has popped up in other time zones that needs to be addressed immediately
3) because my job is very customer focused, I have a lot of meetings every day, generally 4-10 a day. So I spend most of my day attending meetings and working my action items from those meetings throughout the day. I find it is very helpful to take notes and capture actions while I am attending the meetings. Once a meeting is complete, I will immediately start working through the action items on the action item list to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. I have a rule that if something takes less than 5 minutes to do, I do it immediately and don't put it off for later.
4) Towards the end of the day, I look at my calendar for the next day and see if there is anything I can be doing to prepare for the next day and if time allows, I do them.
5) On Thursday afternoon or Friday, I also make sure to look at my calendar for the next week and see if there is anything major I need to be preparing for in the next week and if time allows, do those tasks as well.
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Frank’s Answer

Thanks for your question: "What is your daily routine in your profession?" The requirement for me when I was in working life was to keep active and work with my family and help them as required in everyday situations.

Also to keep up-to date with my love of helping students of all ages to learn how to read and write English with other students from around the globe.

Frank recommends the following next steps:

1. We rise each day and cook breakfast lunch dinner and supper. We also take out the garbage to the recycling room and then take a brisk 30 minute walk in the local countryside.
2. We read the internet world news and local news each morning noon and evening.
3. We communicate each day with internet surfers and we send comments as well as feedback.
4. We check our street mail box everyday at 2.00 p.m. and collect the sales catalogues and accounts that need to be paid by the due dates.
5. We relax each evening in front of the computer to find out if there are any classic movies worth watching on our TV? Before we go to sleep.
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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Randi,

Let me first start of by saying I work in accounting and I am currently working from home.

My schedule varies but overall it goes like this:

Home workout
Check all emails and look at what needs to be done for the day
Work on my assignments

I think it's really important to incorporate some exercise in your day, even if that means a short walk or a 20 minute workout video. It's important to keep active, especially now.
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Marica’s Answer

My routine varies day to day. However, I always start by cleaning out my email inbox every morning and end my day with a to do list. The emails will set my day on what I should know and the to do list reminds me what I need to accomplish the next day. In the middle of day varies between meetings, work and calls. Now that we are remote, it's important to find a good balance between work and life. Take time for yourself and actually end your work day. Good Luck!
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Anny’s Answer

Hi, Randi
My daily routine varies.
I work in marketing so some days (like yesterday), I spend the entire day analyzing data from a survey. Other days, I might be working on a communications calendar, which is where I plan out the dates marketing events take place. Other times, I might spend a number of days working on a strategy which means understanding the data and coming up with recommendations.
I prefer not having a routine but that's just me.
I think it is great that you are asking this question now. It is a question you might want to ask as you are interviewing, to determine where and in which field you would like to work.
Good luck to you, Randi!