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Jam B.’s Avatar
Jam B. Jul 09, 2021 255 views

Any advice on writing personal statements for college applications?

I am an incoming senior in high school and I am looking to apply to some colleges. How should I get started on my essays? Any advice or no-no's I should avoid? college-advice college-admissions college-bound...


kevin X.’s Avatar
kevin X. Nov 15, 2021 130 views

What are some steps to help me down the road in the marketing department that I can take now.

I am a high school Junior student trying to learn more about entrepreneurship especially marketing at the moment. Thanks!...


Glenn T.’s Avatar
Glenn T. Nov 16, 2021 1749 views

How do you respond to "Why should I hire you?" in a job interview?

about industrial engineering course to look and apply a job interview interviews...


cedric R.’s Avatar
cedric R. Dec 08, 2021 65 views