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What is the day in the life for a health information technician?

I'm in IT class right now and our assignment is to research an IT career, mine is a health information technician. I'd like to know what usually goes on in the field. #healthinformation #healthcare #it #informationtechnology #technician #daily #jobs

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2 answers

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Courtland’s Answer

I would recommend reaching out to your local hospital/clinic and see if they are hiring individuals as interns or assistants to health information technicians. Tell them that you're interested in becoming one and would like to know what the day-to-day life is like. If they can't hire you, they might let you shadow them for a day or two to see what they do. Or they could possibly tell you about their job if you have questions you would like to ask.

A similar process would apply to any job you would be interested in.

Thank you very much! Have a great day! Sofia G.

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David’s Answer

A health information technician enters, organizes, and maintains patients' health information into physical files and digital systems.

A typical day in the life of a health information technician might include:

Recording electronic data for storage, analysis, and reporting
Applying clinical codes to records to enhance data analysis
Taking standard steps to ensure patient confidentiality.