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As an HVAC technician, are you satisfied with your work schedule, and the demanding hours HVAC can have?

Having a flexible schedule is important to me and I want to hear someone in the field's perspective and how they have been able to hand a HVAC work schedule.
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David M.’s Answer

A career in HVAC can be exciting and <span style="color: rgb(82, 82, 82);">challenging</span>. In my early years I worked an application engineer and got involved in field work. Now I work as a commissioning engineer which very demanding. I have at times complained about the long hours, the travel (sometimes overnight), the mental stress, etc; but if you love what you do, this can offset the things that you don't like about work. Realistically, busy work is much better than no work. You don't want to be in the position where work is slow or <span style="color: rgb(82, 82, 82);">nonexistence.</span>.