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How is the relationship between nurses and doctors?

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2 answers

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Tequila’s Answer

Hi there. The relationship is between one colleague to another; at least, that is how it is supposed to be. We both have our strengths and practice. Nurse work within the scope of their practice and doctors work within theirs. For example, without a specialty license, nurse do not prescribe medications. Typically, doctors don't administer medications, especially in hospitals. Of course there are exceptions.
Doctors can develop a plan of care for a patient; and, nurses have a plan of care. The nurses' plans of care support the patient and supports the doctor's plan of care. In a hospital setting, the differences in the plan of care are documented specifically to the limitations of each person's practice. Nurse have the option of acting on their own depending on the circumstances the patient is dealing with at the time. However, nurse can't prescribe medications or certain treatments without a doctor writing an order (or verbally giving an order). For example, if a patient has a fever 101. A nurse needs a doctor's order to give Tylenol. A nurse does not need an order to apply ice packs or employ other cooling techniques to decrease the patient's temperature. There are countless examples that distinguish between how doctors and nurses can work together and independently, employing their own scope of practice to support a patient's healing process.
Each state determines the scope of practice of their health care professionals.

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Cinthya’s Answer

There’s mutual respect among the disciplines.
But a lot of it has to do with the hospitals tolerance for inappropriate behavior. And how professional the staff is.
In my 13+ years as a nurse I have only had 1 encounter where the doctor was screaming and rude. Other times when we have had disagreements it was done in a professional manner where you discuss the issue and listen and reach an understanding.