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Sarah K. May 14, 2018 253 views

Should I get my ADN and go back later for my BSN or go for my BSN

I’ve heard and read about several people saying that going for four years is a waste of money because you do not do anything your first two years. My Career Prep. teacher said I should just do my ADN because nurses who have their BSN only make 25 cents more. I’m not sure what I want to do...

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Hannah D. Aug 26, 2018 174 views

What is the best way to study in Nursing school?

I know nursing school requires a different approach to learning than other classes. Since nursing is such a different program than others, what is the best tip for studying and maintaining what you learn? #school-counseling...


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Wah O. Mar 15, 2019 133 views

I am thinking of doing CNA and CMA. Which one of this should I do first?

There is CNA and CMA that they offered here in Denison job corps. I TABE out of both math and reading. I do not have to get diploma nor my license, so I am set on almost half of the things I need. Both seems hard and time consuming, but I want to do both of them. I was wondering which one I...

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michaela H. Mar 25, 2019 354 views
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Ash T. May 22, 2019 174 views
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angelina D. Jun 24, 2019 130 views

What kind of people do you deal with on a daily basis?

I am a student at job corps I am training for nursing....


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Emily G. Jul 16, 2019 150 views

Whats the difference between Home Health Aids and Personal Care Aids

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a student at Clearfield, Utah Job Corps, and My overall goal is to become a Home Health Aid or a Personal Care Aid. But I would first like to know which would be better for myself. If you could please describe to me what the diffidence between them. Thank you...

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Wendolyn A. Aug 14, 2019 139 views

How do people advance in this career?

I am looking to get certifies as a nurse assistant, but would like to advance into a higher paying career similar to the same occupation. #nurse #healthcare #career...


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Jazmine L. Sep 06, 2019 117 views

How has your lifestyle change/been affected by this field?

I'm a high school student interested in being an obstetrician! I love being able to make people's lives brighten and to me that brightness for any expecting mother is being able to have their baby and hold him/her for the first time. I have a few distant family members in the field and hearing...

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Charisse C. Apr 23, 2020 137 views
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Jasmine P. Apr 23, 2020 128 views

If I want to be a school nurse, what are the requirements to be a school nurse? How is covid-19 impacting school nurses & regular nurses?

I'm in high school at the edge of graduation & many of my science teachers recommend me to join in some sort of career with science. I'm not sure what I still want to be, and honestly a school nurse sounds kind of easy. The thing is at first I wanted to be a social worker but for me it...

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