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What is the best way to tackle the SAT?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I started preparing for the SAT. Would it benefit me to start this early or is it not early at all? What studying strategies would you recommend? Thanks! #time-management #testing #sat #test #test-management #test-strategy

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2 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Go take the SAT! Then next year take it again. And if you have time take it a third time.
Our experience, (we used to run an extension academy), is that you gain 50 points each time you take the test just due to experience and better testmanship.

Remember, colleges will be most interested in your highest score, so go for it!

Reward yourself with a trip to the ice cream parlor to celebrate each time you take the test.

Thank you Mr. Julicher! Your advice will definitely benefit me. Luka G.

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Rachel’s Answer

STUDY. STUDY. STUDY. Study early and often. Buy the books and invest in an SAT course. Letsgetready.org has free sat courses in certain regions. Also, create a plan for yourself and map out how much time you need to study. You also need to manage your time and designate specific study-times for yourself and be disciplined.