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Hello! My name is Anthony I'm a high school student looking for information on hospital financial management for my Foundations in Health Science project about careers. I would appreciate it if you could answer my 5 questions if you have the time.

Were you in a college program?

Did you have to pivot and go back to school at a later date?

Did you shadow another professional in the field?

Did you join any school clubs? related to your current profession?

Was there a particular subject you struggled with during your school years?

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1 answer

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Susan’s Answer

Hi Anthony~
1) I was not in a specific program in college just Business Management as I wasn't sure of a career path. 2) I was always attracted to finance related work and started a career in banking which I loved. When banking jobs were cut back and I was laid off, I did go back to school and got a masters degree in taxation (something I was exposed to in lending for the bank).
This degree open doors for me in the accounting field. I now work for a national CPA firm that I really love. I get to work with not for profit clients in the tax compliance area. I have opportunities to work with CFO, controllers and finance mangers which make my work enjoyable since I work with actual people and not just numbers.
3) It's important to build your "soft skills" and you can do that starting in high school by joping student council, drama, speech, debate and other clubs of interest. Also, try volunteering at a local organization or in this case hospital to get exposed to various people and environments. This also looks good on a resume.
4) Believe it or not, math was always a challenge to me. But because of my persistence, my math teacher encouraged me to join the math club. I thought you had to be really good at math to do that but it really want necessary because we worked and competed as a team and there were others much smarter than me. I would never have guessed I would have built a career at a CPA firm. I still use my finger to count sometimes!
So just because a subject might not come easy to you, dont write it off. Persist and you may find a career path.
Good luck!