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What class am I supposed to take in high school for criminal justice?

Want to be a criminal justice lawyer cause lmao money and sounds fun and good at it

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2 answers

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Paul’s Answer

You will need an understanding of human behavior, law, and society.

So, definitely focus on the social sciences subjects like:

History, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science
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Michael’s Answer

Hi Marianela:

While in high school, one will need to focus on science and math classes to prepare for a career in law. Chemistry and biology will be the core science courses. For math, algebra, calculus and statistics will be needed. Other classes to take will be English, social studies, and American history and government. The combination of these concentrations will enable you to focus and refine your analytical skills for research; complex problem solving; investigative and innovative critical thinking; attention to detail; etc.

Other skills that will need to be built upon center around team building, team work and communication. In any work culture, collaboration among team members, staff and partner departments occur on a daily basis. As a Criminal Justice Attorney, communication is essential and critical when dealing with clients, legal staff, law enforcement, etc. A college course in public speaking, communications and English will help with one's communication and writing skills. While in high school, the debate team will provide the opportunity to sharpen communication skills which are backed with research and factual data and information.

The educational pathway to become a Criminal Justice Attorney will be between 7-8 years. 4 Years will be to earn a Bachelor Degree. Law school will be 2-3 years to earn a Juris Doctor Degree. Then, there is the bar exam to take, to pass and to be earned in the state where you plan to practice law.

According to U.S. News & World Report, here is a link to the Best Colleges and Universities for Law school:

- Stanford University
- Yale University
- University of Chicago
- University of Pennsylvania (Carey)
- Duke University
- Harvard University
- New York University
- Columbia University
- University of Virginia
- Northwestern University (Pritzker)
- University of California (Berkeley)
- University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
- Cornell University

When reviewing colleges and universities, it is best to check the following:

- In-State vs Out of State Tuition
- Internships
- Scholarships
- Career Placement upon graduation
- Course work and offered classes
- Post-Graduate Degrees - Master and Doctoral

Scholarship applications can start to be submitted during your Junior year and will continue throughout your Senior year in high school. It is best to ask your Academic Advisor/School Counselor on the timeline process as well. Scholarship applications will have specific deadlines and requirements to meet in order to be submitted for review and consideration.

You may want to start to compile your resume/portfolio since a majority of scholarship applications will require academic grade point average (GPA), academic accomplishments, school activities (clubs, sports, etc.), community involvement (volunteer, church, etc.), academic and personal recommendations, etc. There may be essay requirements on why you are a qualified candidate to receive the scholarship, what your future goals are academically and professionally and other questions centering around who you are, your beliefs, etc.

Here are a couple of links for College Scholarships:

Also, it will be best to check with the colleges and universities that you will be applying to. You can check with the School/Department of your desired major, the Campus Career Center and the Register's Office for additional information for college scholarships and grants and specific requirements for qualifications.

Best wishes for your education and career path as a Criminal Justice Attorney!