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What steps do I need to take to become a lawyer?

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3 answers

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Delanie’s Answer

Hello Reaghen,

To become a licensed attorney, you will need to complete several educational requirements as well as testing requirements. You will need to graduate with your Bachelor's degree (i.e. "undergrad" or college) in any major. I would recommend selecting a major that corresponds to the specific type of law that you're interested in. Commonly in your junior or senior year of college, you take the law school entrance exam (i.e. LSAT) and submit the scores to your top choice law schools.

Once admitted into a law school, you will need to complete the three year program. Then, you will need to apply to be admitted to the bar of the specific location that you wish to work. Each state has different requirements to be admitted to their bar, but most commonly, you will need to take the multistate professional responsibility exam (i.e. MPRE), the Bar examination, and pass through what is referred to as Character and Fitness. Each of these steps are designed to ensure that you have developed sufficient legal knowledgeable to provide advice to clients and you will do so in a professional manner.

I know this may seem like a lot of steps, but becoming a lawyer takes a lot of time and hardwork!

Delanie recommends the following next steps:

For more information, please go to https://www.lsac.org/discover-law/how-prepare-your-legal-education

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Eunicy’s Answer

Hi Reaghen,

After completing high school education, students interested in becoming lawyers in Mexico must complete four to five years of legal education (depending on the university of choice). They have options in relation to receiving their degree in law (professional exam, major degree, master's degree and so on) and must subsequently receive their professional licence to qualify as lawyers. Professional licences are issued by a federal authority, the General Professions Bureau (Dirección General de Profesiones). To gain the licence, the university will process the issuance request directly with the General Professions Bureau.

Please go through https://content.next.westlaw.com/w-016-5818?transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default)&__lrTS=20190831153604928&firstPage=true&bhcp=1 for more information.

Hope this helps. All the best!

Eunicy recommends the following next steps:

go through https://content.next.westlaw.com/w-016-5818?transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default)&__lrTS=20190831153604928&firstPage=true&bhcp=1

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Richard’s Answer

To go to law school, you need to get an undergraduate degree. College grades matter to get into law school so you will want to do well. The LSAT is the law school admission test. There are prep books or you can take a course. Law school is 3 years. You can take the Bar exam after 2.5 years though and then finish school. Or you can finish law school and then take the Bar exam. The Bar is offered in February and July. In sum, 7 years.