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What is the process of becoming a lawyer?

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4 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Great question. Becoming a lawyer takes a good bit of commitment and dedication. First, you must obtain a four year degree from an accredited college or University. It doesn't matter what you major in, however, there are some majors that may benefit you better in law school such as Political Science, Criminal Justice, English, Psychology, or Business.

Second, you must practice for the LSAT exam which is the law school admissions test. I would recommend taking a paid course or tutor to best prepare you for the test. The higher the score, the better the chance of you getting into the law school of your choice.

(Also keep your character fitness always in mind while in undergrad and throughout the rest of your life as your behavior in society follows you as an attorney and aspiring one)

Third, Law School full time is three years typically. Some schools have parttime programs which extend this time to four years. Upon completing law school you must prepare to sit for the bar exam in the state in which you wish to practice. Be sure to thoroughly study the law for the state you are sitting for and use all prepratory guides available for said state bar. ( Finishing a program at a well ranked law school increases your chances of passing the bar as those schools typically tout high bar passage rates.)

Once you have completed these things you will be ready for law practice. This should take you around 7 years including four years of full time undergrad and 3 years of full time law shool. Best of luck to you!

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DENNIS’s Answer

Hi Sarah: Sounds like you have started down that road already by asking this very question. Good for you!
Both Dennis and Richard's answers have nailed it. It's a long process that takes about 7 years - give or take - to complete. Took me longer because I had to work along the way to earn money to pay for things - like tuition. I also got a Masters degree along the way. So the road you chose is one that will be unique to you. Remember, have fun on that road.
Since both answers above have spelled out the process, let me tell you another important part of the path. At this point you need to look into your own heart! Sounds corny but it's true. Being a lawyer is abourt more than your brain - it's also about your heart. You have to care. Care about people and society. There are a lot of bad jokes out there about lawyers..many are deserved. We can be a tough bunch. However, when people go to a lawyer they are in an hour of need. Whether they were hurt in an accident, they want to make a will, they were arrested, something bad has happened. They come to you for help. So at this point you need to look into your own heart. That's the tough part of the process! Knowing what's in your own heart is often the hardest part of the process! Any idiot can become a lawyer - just look at me!- it takes someone who really cares to be a good lawyer! Good luck Sarah - have fun along the road and always keep reaching for the stars!

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Richard’s Answer

To go to law school, you need to get an undergraduate degree. College grades matter to get into law school so you will want to do well. The LSAT is the law school admission test. There are prep books or you can take a course. Law school is 3 years. You can take the Bar exam after 2.5 years though and then finish school. Or you can finish law school and then take the Bar exam. The Bar is offered in February and July. In sum, 7 years.

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Estelle’s Answer

College degree
Acceptance into law school
3 years of law school
Passing the Bar exam

Good luck!