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Why does everyone want to be a content creator?

Concerned for my generation

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1 answer

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Kimberly’s Answer

Awe the question of the early 21st century…why content creation!?
I have to say I am guilty of being a part-time freelancer that works on graphics, video editing, transcription, and yes – content creation for clients at times from a store house of material they send to me.

Content creation in and of itself is not bad. Every time we give an opinion on a product or share information with people, we are creating content that informs another person’s decisions. However, I do agree that social media has taken this avenue of communication to another level that at times can create unhealthy relationships with oneself and others.

Everyone wants to be the million-dollar content creator or better said influencer which is sometimes confused with most content creators out there working behind the scenes.

Let’s list what a content creator is today.
1. Informational communicator to a large audience.
2. Produces educational or entertainment content distributed across online platforms.
3. Digital media is the primary distribution forum for content creators.
4. Humor, inspiration, or experiential stories make up most of the content shared.

When looking at all the content creators out there that make money in this field, only one cornerstone of the foundation includes the coveted influencer/blogger. There are many other fields working for companies and as a freelancer for those companies.
All-in-all I think it is a hot topic and has a great window shopper appeal to it with its flexibility in schedule, its choice of time you want to invest, it is a visual portfolio for creatives in the digital world, and most importantly my favorite personal description of these kind of jobs is that it is a “sexy” job.

A sexy job being one that is in vogue and in fashion. It is public and in the front. Most people do not want the behind the scenes wrote jobs like finance, sciences, or services positions that foundationally hold up the services of the day-to-day. They are not seen as “fun” jobs.
Me personally, I love the content creation I do on the side as my creative bent, but accounting even though it has been seen in the last decade to lose interest as a profession to pursue by my peers is a strong, constant that I have enjoyed financially and mentally.
Hopefully this answers your question.

It is important to be concerned for a generation where they all want to be one thing since society cannot function that way, but it opens up doors for other options for those looking for more that will lead to a thriving professional and financial lifestyle.

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

Do some research on content creation.
Look at all the options out there that might lead to another profession that is linked to content creation.
It might lead to another outcome in opinion about content creators depending on the field they pursue to work in.
Remember: Influencers are only one piece to the content creation puzzle.