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Ronald Apr 15 228 views

Why does everyone want to be a content creator?

Concerned for my generation

grace’s Avatar
grace Feb 28 686 views

How Do you differentiate business finance and personal finance when deciding which to chose?

I want to work in finance but have no idea any other information to decide what specifically

Brodi’s Avatar
Brodi Feb 27 434 views

Do you have any advice on being more strict to be more equipped to work in Finance?

How do I become more strict in the working area. When working in Finance how does strictness contribute to the work ethic. What information do I need.

Job’s Avatar
Job Feb 16 995 views

Is Art applicable in Business field?

Just thinking out loud!

Aubrey’s Avatar
Aubrey Feb 15 1469 views

Is a graphic design degree with a concentration in marketing better than just a graphic design degree?

Hi! I am a freshman at a community college currently and am trying to decide on a major for when I transfer to a four-year college. The Graphic design degree with marketing has more marketing classes of course. I am curious if that would boost my job availability or not so much. I enjoy the art...