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whats a good buisness school

what are some good buisness colleges either in my country or nationally school # schooling

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2 answers

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Erin’s Answer

Hi Jerry! This is a great question. Speaking as an alum, I would recommend the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. This school is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and does a great job of requiring classes to help students figure out what business career they want to pursue, whether that be Marketing, Finance, Accounting, or Data Analytics/Programming.

Another great thing about this school is the network connections to top companies in the country. The Carlson School has connections to Fortune 500 companies in Minneapolis as well as all over the country. Recruiters from many different companies set up events at the school and attend career fairs to talk to students about internship and post-college employment opportunities. Additionally, this school has a great group of career and academic counselors that can help you discover the career path, and ultimately the job, that's right for you!

I hope this helps, and good luck on your college search!
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Wayne’s Answer

Good day Jerry. Here is a list of the top ranked Business schools in the U.S. -- .

From the list, you can also see ranks for specific majors.

Good luck!