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Erin O'Driscoll

Project Management/Data Analytics
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Jerry Oct 27, 2020 610 views

whats a good buisness school

what are some good buisness colleges either in my country or nationally #school # #schooling

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Jerry Oct 27, 2020 633 views

College Courses

What college classes should i take that would have the biggest effect on the succesfulness of myself and my buisness? what are some helpful classes that are extra but help you get a better idea of the economic supply chain #college-admissions #help

Jaydian’s Avatar
Jaydian Nov 05, 2020 563 views

How do I narrow down my choices on what I want my career to be?

I'm a Junior in high school. I love movies, and I'm in a sport, but I'm interested in medical field, and art . I'm unsure on how to decide on my career.

#career #medicine #art

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Anicia Nov 05, 2020 1081 views

is it ok to not know what to do after high school?

#high-school #high-school-students #career

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tyler Nov 09, 2020 434 views

How do I get a job being a cashier?

I need help on how to get a job being a cashier. I want to know how much it costs and how I arrive there.

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Celia Jul 18, 2020 756 views

What are some ways college students can build up their resume during COVID-19?

#skills #collegestudents #coronavirus #JULY20