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College Courses

What college classes should i take that would have the biggest effect on the succesfulness of myself and my buisness? what are some helpful classes that are extra but help you get a better idea of the economic supply chain #college-admissions #help

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5 answers

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Sheryl T. Smikle,’s Answer

I am unclear what you are asking. Are you already in college? If you are in college, you will take a broad range of courses during the first two years, assuming a traditional four-year college. Some colleges require public speaking. If they do not or do not offer it, you might consider joining a Toastmasters Club in your college area. Writing is critically important. So taking traditional writing and Communications courses would be extremely helpful. Data also is essential--interpreting, collecting, and displaying. So, I would take a data analytics course. I would also ensure that I have strong Excel, Powerpoint, and Access skills. Courses in these areas are helpful because these tools are common in and for business. Of course, keep your eye on what is needed to graduate and make your selections regarding the above with that in mind. Good Luck!

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Ari’s Answer

Based on your responses to the clarifying questions, I would also take classes/seminars in the following:
1. Operations management, particularly operations excellence and subjects such as LEAN, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping
2. Negotiations (seriously, a prepared approach to negotiations will help out in not only business but in life in general)
3. Corporate finance - knowing how to read a Profit and Loss and understanding if a project makes/loses money is VERY important whether you're in a Fortune 500 company or starting your own business.

Feel free to send any clarifying questions!

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Emily’s Answer

Hi Jerry! All around, I believe everyone should take a public speaking class. Regardless of what industry you go into, developing the confidence to public speak and do it effectively is so important.

In terms of the supply chain classes, what are you looking to get out of those specifically? That should help me answer your question more effectively.

Emily recommends the following next steps:

Sign up for a public speaking class

Hi Emily, Thank you for answering my question i feel a public speaking class will help because i am a little nervous infront of others. As far as what im looking to get out of supply chain classes would be how to find a provider and construct a offer and secure that provider. Again thank you for your answer take care! Jerry D.

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Erin’s Answer

If you are interested in business, whether that's starting one of your own, or getting a job at a company that's already established, I would recommend taking a Marketing Strategy/Analytics class. In classes like this, you'll get a good idea of how a marketing plan works, how to put one together successfully, and how to best implement that into your business. Some of the topics that you learn relate to finding your audience, marketing your product to relevant consumers, conducting cluster analysis to help group consumers by their similarities, and things of that nature.

I found classes like this to be helpful in understanding the business world as a whole and how different parts work together.

Hope this helps!

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Jerry:

Thank you for your question. You could start out by taking a public speaking class or join Toastmasters. Other classes you could take are Economics, Business, Analytics and Marketing to name a few. Also, you may want to check with you adviser to see if there are resources they could point you to. Best of luck to you!