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Laura’s Avatar
Laura Dec 21, 2022 533 views

What college should I go to for business?

What should I major should I do? I am interested in business, but I still find public speaking scary. Also, am interested in law and I really want to go to a good school.

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Oct 27, 2020 636 views

College Courses

What college classes should i take that would have the biggest effect on the succesfulness of myself and my buisness? what are some helpful classes that are extra but help you get a better idea of the economic supply chain #college-admissions #help

emily’s Avatar
emily Oct 27, 2020 1279 views

what are colleges that accept 3.5 average gpa

#college-admissions #gpa #college-applications

Ila’s Avatar
Ila Dec 09, 2019 895 views

If I have an unweighted GPA less than a 4.0, will it look bad to any Ivy League schools that I apply to?

Hey! I'm Ila (pronounced ee-la). This question has been something that I've been trying to find an answer to for a while. I currently have a 4.0, but my classes are pretty hard, and I can only hope to keep my 4.0 at the end of the semester. Any advice helps- thanks! #school #college...

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Jan 03, 2017 857 views

Does commuting strip a person of their college experience?

My sister who is a dormer has always lamented to me how important it is to dorm and move away from home. She emphasized on the key phrase "college experience." Instead of listening to her, I am opting to commute because of the internships available for my major in the city. I am wondering if...

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Jun 04, 2019 1084 views

Which class has more value? Leadership (SGA) or an AP class

#high-school-classes #highs-chool #clsses #college #college-admissions #AP #SGA

Tavon’s Avatar
Tavon Mar 22, 2019 696 views

What is the hours carpenter work.


Anna’s Avatar
Anna Mar 25, 2019 863 views

Can you use a business major to be a teacher?

#business #teacher #college-major #teaching

Student’s Avatar
Student Mar 14, 2019 636 views

Is it fun at University of Michigan (U of M)??

#college-admissions #major #college #college-major #university #math #college-admissions

Yanet’s Avatar
Yanet Mar 13, 2019 933 views

I would highly appreciate any tips to execute the LSAT and what looks good on a resume for law school.

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership with high hopes of becoming a lawyer. Thank you!
#law #lawyer #college #law-school #lsat #criminal-justice

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Aug 27, 2018 957 views

Is AP or IB better?

I have the option of taking AP or IB classes or full IB diploma at my high school. Is there a reason whether to take one over the other? Does full IB diploma look good on a college application (better than lots of AP classes)? #ap #ib #high-school