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Is it fun at University of Michigan (U of M)??

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2 answers

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Sheryl T. Smikle,’s Answer

I am not an alumna and I lost touch with a former co-worker who is. She loved the school! I would look into what the Underground Guide to the College of Your Choice has to say about the school. Good luck!

Sheryl T. Smikle, recommends the following next steps:

Look into what the Underground Guide to the College of Your Choice has to say about the school

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Nika’s Answer

I'm not an alumni of University of Michigan, but some of my closest friends are. They all say that college was by FAR the best 4 years of their lives. In fact, they even routinely trek back to Ann Arbor to relive some of their glory days.

In short, University of Michigan is not only a world-class university, but also a VERY unforgettable experience.