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savanna’s Avatar
savanna Mar 18 215 views

How can I pass all of my classes?

I have a d in math and I would like to raise my grade.

Dollar’s Avatar
Dollar Mar 17 302 views

What can i do to be successful ?

How will i achieve my goals

Trace’s Avatar
Trace Mar 17 250 views

How can I achieve success?

How can I achieve success?

Aidea’s Avatar
Aidea Mar 09 335 views

What is the best age to start working?

I am a twenty-year-old girl studying economics
I have started working, I teach chess to children and I have my own clothing brand One of my classmates told me that you are a child laborer and it hurt me a lot
What is the best age to start working?

diksha’s Avatar
diksha Feb 29 232 views

how do you network more efficiently?

how do you network more efficiently? i struggle with meeting new people and establishing good connections that will benefit me in the future. i miss out on a lot of opportunities this way.

Ricel’s Avatar
Ricel Feb 23 500 views

I am interested to do hands-on in computer. Who are the companies accepting internship to become IT specialist?

I used to work as a customer service/Front Desk in Medical Facility.

Sadnila’s Avatar
Sadnila Feb 18 368 views

How do I decide my career?

Career Choosing

Tui’s Avatar
Tui Jan 29 450 views

What are the benefits?

in autobody and repair.

'Amalia’s Avatar
'Amalia Jan 29 428 views

Why does the math i do not make since like it should my Teacher always try's to explain it but I still do not Understand it most of the

Why does the math i do not make since like it should my Teacher always try's to explain it but I still do not Understand it most of the time It is real hard

sheneba’s Avatar
sheneba Jan 30 637 views

How do you understand taxes while you add up the number How is it a struggle at times or is it easy over the years? What does a tax sheet look like ? are taxes hard??

I was wondering just to understand more so when I do grow up I'll understand and have everything in place i just thought it was helpful to know for myself.

Randy’s Avatar
Randy Jan 28 617 views

How to be a full-stack developer?

How to get in back-end development and how to gain the skills to move forward to be a full-stack developer in the future? and is this job so stressful? or more like a fun job?

John’s Avatar
John Jan 28 584 views

why is it hard for me to learn new skills?

Am having a hard time learning to skills and hobbies. any help?

Emrie’s Avatar
Emrie Jan 28 575 views

How do you stay productive?

I want to enjoy task.

Long’s Avatar
Long Jan 19 564 views

What job should I do this?

What should I do as a computer Engineer major?

Bao’s Avatar
Bao Jan 15 1015 views

What factors should I consider when choosing a career path??

Consider your interests, skills, and values. Reflect on long-term goals and potential for growth. Research industries and seek mentorship for insights. Ultimately, choose a career that aligns with your passion and offers a fulfilling journey.