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Wayne Archibald

Principal Cybersecurity Analyst here to share knowledge!
Silver Spring, Maryland
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Reagan Sep 22 46 views

What are the chances my career goals come true?

I’m very dedicated and hard working but I’m scared once i get into the real world the goals will become impossible to accomplish.

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Dale Sep 08 79 views

3.can you describe a typical work day? #cybersecurity

I'm Interested in knowing how a typical day as a cyber security specialist would be like.

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chris Sep 07 70 views

2.whats the typical schedule for security work????

Night shift or day shift weekends???

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08 85 views

2.what kind of problems will i encounter in during my time there as an employee of a cybersecurity company. #cybersecurity

I love to work alone leave me be please thank you

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08 84 views

1. What will be my primary responsibilities as an employee of a cybersecurity company / business #cybersecurity

I love to work alone.

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Omari Jun 16 255 views

What Advice Would You Give To a Teen Who Is Starting to Have an Interest in Computer Science and Automotive?

Hello! As a child I have always had a passion for cars, which is still reigning now, but I have down this newfound love for CS. What advice would you give someone who is willing to a career in these sectors, and is there any resources that I can use to help gain further knowledge about them?

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 16 182 views

Whats the major differences between different colleges?

what's the difference between college, university, technical schools, community colleges, etc? What can each one do for me?

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 16 240 views

What do most people do in computer engineering?

What are the main tasks people do while working in computer engineering.

James’s Avatar
James May 04 227 views

What is the best part of being a Information Security Analyst?

Need more information on this.

James’s Avatar
James May 03 182 views

Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst

Trying to get more information about this topic.

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So24fia May 06 252 views

Programming languages


I am a college student majoring in computer science. I have realised that not everything is taught in a classroom, therefore I don't know which language should I pick up next. I studied C, Java, SQL, HTML. I am currently learning CSS, but what should be next?
Thank you!

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky Apr 04 138 views

What's the difference between B.Arch, BS.Arch, and M.Arch in college?

I'm a high school senior interested in an architecture major.

R’s Avatar
R Apr 06 241 views

How important are extra-curricular activities and like student clubs, volunteering etc to getting into med school? I'm a bit worried because in my first year of university I just focused on school and didn't join any clubs yet.

Yeah like the title says, I feel a bit behind the curve because although I have a good GPA from my first year, my resume and professional life are kind of lacking in regards to some of my peers. I do plan on volunteering and trying to get coop jobs this summer and of course later on in...

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Jessie Jan 28 178 views

I'm currently applying for a online STEM program with MIT, but the acceptance rate is low, which I'm worried about. Do you have any tips on how I can showcase who I truly am through my essays?

#science #MOSTEC #college

Simon’s Avatar
Simon Jan 28 341 views

How can you build connections for computer science?

I am currently a senior and I'm interested in becoming a computer science major. However, I don't know how I might find connections and improve my social circle. Any tips? #computer-software #computer-science #technology