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What would be the best school for me?

I am a freshman in high school and this is the career I want to pursue.
I am good at drawing.
I don't like talking to people because I'm shy.
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3 answers

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Liuv’s Answer

Good morning, for a shy person there are tons of professions but picking the right school for you and degree can be challenging. Pick a school that you can afford without taking out loans. Perhaps try community college yeah it kind of stunk that my friends went to a big school away from home but now I do not have loans and some of them pay $250-350 in loans per month. I would recommend Accounting or Computer Aided Design. I understand you like art, but don't go broke following your passion. I'm not saying that Art does not pay, but maybe that can be your side hustle until it becomes your main source of income.
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Jorge’s Answer

Have you considered a fine-art program? What kind of drawing do you do? Many universities and community colleges have fine art programs and some specialize for certain career tracks, e.g. computer graphics, graphics design, game illustration, UI / UX design just to name a few that are related to the high-tech sector.

Also, being shy is ok. Some of the most brilliant people are shy. I suggest reading "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" to understand that it's not a handicap, and can be an advantage!

Thank you your answer was very helpful Adriano P.

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Arin’s Answer

I LOVE that you are looking forward to finding out what you are best at. Since you are in High School take some time to get attuned to different clubs that fit you. Jorge's Advice is on the right track as well! - Great artists have a home in the advancing and creative world within UX/UI design and are in demand for projects and globally scaled art works that can reach audiences of MILLIONS.

Alongside the high-tech - Having a degree to match certainly helps! For that sector I suggest not rushing into an expensive degree, it would be very beneficial to go to a community college as well as take Dual Credit courses to cut the cost of that degree!

Good Luck!!