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What entry requirements for culinary school


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3 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

According to the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) the following are their entry requirements.

"All applicants must meet the listed requirements:

1. Have proof of High School graduation or an equivalent. Acceptable forms of proof include the following: High School Diploma, Official High School transcripts, GED, HISET, High School Equivalency documentation or an acceptable Home School Certificate.

2. Complete an application and pay the non-refundable $25.00 application fee.

3. Provide three references who can attest to professional character.

4. Complete a short essay (500-750 words) explaining the desire to obtain a degree in culinary arts.

5. Complete the Louisiana Culinary Institute developed Culinary Math Test.

6. Successfully pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. **Only required for applicants that do not hold an Associate Degree or higher or have official college transcripts showing credit with a grade of ‘C’ or higher in a college-level Math or English Course.

7. Interview with the Admissions Panel.

8. Provide Proof of Citizenship. Two forms of identification are required. One form must be a photo ID: (Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Social Security card, passport, etc.)

If accepted into the program a $75.00 registration fee is required."


Each school might have slightly different requirements, so it is a good idea to review the requirements early.

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umer’s Answer


Becoming a skilled chef requires years of experience, but does not require any specific university degree before going to culinary school because the training you receive at a school of culinary arts is considered to be hands on. To get into a culinary arts school as an international student you'll need the following:

Completed High School or passed an equivalency test like the GED
Have some experience working in a professional restaurant kitchen
Have recommendations from teachers or chefs you've worked with
Have your F1, I-20, and other documentation in order
Have a passion for culinary arts!
Secondary Education
To gain entrance into a culinary arts school, you will need proof that you've attained the required minimum education level. Normally, this involves completing High School, or the equivalent of secondary education in your home country. As international students may have different levels of education or different structures of schooling, it's best to contact the admissions representative of your culinary arts school to confirm that you meet their minimum standards. To do this, you will need your official transcript that indicates your previous coursework. You may not need to do advanced calculus or define Latin terms in culinary school, but you'll definitely need to be able to do math well, communicate clearly, write professionally, and understand measurements in the metric and standard (US) system. In addition to this requirement, you will likely need to have a proficiency in English, and depending on the culinary style you choose, additional languages may come in handy. Many culinary schools that teach pastry or classical French cuisine for example will require that you have at least some proficiency in speaking and reading French. If you happen to have taken culinary arts classes in your home country, you will need to speak with the school you wish to attend to see if your credits will transfer.

Some high schools and secondary education centers have cooking programs where you work in a restaurant style environment while completing your education. These types of programs prepare students to go to culinary school or work in restaurants following graduation. It is not required that students go through a program like this. If you completed a regular secondary education, or concentrated on academics at your college or school, you can still go to culinary school. If you have participated in a similar program in your home country, check with the school you wish to attend to make sure this experience counts.

umer recommends the following next steps:
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Samantha’s Answer

Culinary takes years of practice and skill. You can go to college to get your degree like I did or you can get a job at a restaurant or catering. I personally loved school it was amazing.