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What jobs can I get with a Bachelors in Architect?

Hi! Lately, I have been interested in the field of Architecture. Mostly because I really like math and also the art aspect of it. Yet, If I only end up getting the bachelors, what job(s) can I get out of it?

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4 answers

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Dennis’s Answer

Hey Judit!
First off great question. And I'm hoping as a licensed architect with a Bachelors in Architecture I can help you out with understanding all the things you can do with a BArch or a BS in Architectural Studies.

It is best to get this information from an actual Architect or someone that actually knows the requirements for becoming a registered (licensed) architect. Most engineers don't know what goes into architectural education and their licensing process is different.

So here goes: The best answer is whatever job you'd like.
And now I'll explain.
In the United States there are two concepts for architectural education.
The first is the Design approach, it focuses on form and style and concepts but also uses math and science. It stresses being artistic and inventive and making architecture into ART! Schools like: SCIARC, RISD, SCAD, Ball State (go Cardinals) and Rice University
The second is the Engineering approach, it focuses more on the "nuts and bolts" of building and design. These programs work more in tune with the engineering systems (HVAC, Electrical Power, Structure) and look at the building as a system. These programs are more focused on the math side of design making Architecture functional and still beautiful. Schools like: Penn State, MIT, NJIT, IIT just to name a few.

So now about degrees.
In architecture there are 3 main degrees.
1. Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies (this is considered a non-professional degree and you'll need to get a masters degree on top of this to become a licensed architect) - 3 - 4 years typically
2. Bachelors of Architecture: BArch (this IS a professional degree and it is ALL YOU NEED to become a licensed architect someday) - 5 years standard
2. Masters of Architecture: MArch (totally a professional degree and you can add this on top of a bunch of other bachelors art history or engineering or even business) - 2 to 3 years typically depending on program and undergrad degree.

What can you do with a BArch? I recommend getting this degree as it's a professional degree and you'll only need 1 additional year of college to get it. If you don't mind going for 6-7 years then maybe a MArch is the right degree for you.
You can become an architect! That's the basic'll still need to intern (working and being paid) for about 2-3 years before you'll be ready for the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE). The ARE is the National Test every architect needs to pass to become licensed. Being licensed means two big things. First it shows your ability as an architect to design safe and effective buildings and two it means that you can sign you own drawings and if you ever wanted to go into business for yourself you usually need to have license.

What if you decide you don't want to go into architecture?
Well a BArch is also a great degree to get jobs in:
Digital Animation
3D Design
Industrial Design/Product Design
Furniture Design
Marketing and Advertising
Building Management
Construction Project Management
Real Estate (need to pass another test for this though)
Building Environmental Consultants
And more....

What about getting a BArch then thinking hey maybe I want a masters degree in something else.
Sure why not a BArch is a great base degree too.
It opens you up to things like:
Film and Television Production (set design)
Construction Business (MBA)
Environmental Science Masters
Art History or Museum Curating
And so many more.

I know this is long but hopefully it helps you out.
The real thing is a college degree in Architecture (of any kind) teaches you to be a problem solver. It shows you how to think "outside-the-box" by giving you tools to organize complex problems and come up with solutions. It also teaches you about people, history, the built environment, engineering, physics, art, culture, the world around you and yeah everything.
See everything is connected, and architectural education at its core is about that idea. We make the world in ways to hopefully solve problems and make it better for the future.
That's what you can do with a Bachelors in Architecture degree.

Good luck!

Dennis recommends the following next steps:

See if there are any architectural firms near you and call them about getting a tour and see what they do.
Think about a High School summer internship at a local architetcure firm for 1-4 weeks.
Call or email your state's local AIA (American Institute of Architects) office they can provide information
Browse sites like
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Dennis! Judit
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Barbara’s Answer

What Does an Entry-Level Architect Do?
As an entry-level architect, your job is to help create conceptual designs for each project at your firm. In this role, you may help design a landscape, create structures that meet the commercial or residential needs of the client, or prepare architectural assessments.

How to become an architect (via google)

Earn a bachelor's degree. ...
Participate in an internship program. ...
Become licensed. ...
Apply for an architect position. ...
Earn professional certifications. ...
Consider a master's degree.

You'll need:
design skills and knowledge.
knowledge of building and construction.
to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
thinking and reasoning skills.
customer service skills.
excellent verbal communication skills.
analytical thinking skills.
the ability to use your initiative.
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for answering! :-) Judit
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Teerth’s Answer

Architecture is one of the best degrees you can get. I would highly recommend this degree. I know one of my friends is doing great as an architect.

It involves a lot of hard work to get the degree but will be well worth it.

Please do get the degree but also try to understand deeply the science aspect of this subject. Be well rounded in all subjects. Try to gain an upper hand on science if you are lacking in this no worries you can improve greatly with practice.
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Eric’s Answer

Judit, there are many architectural firms that hire architectural students with only bachelors degrees, often smaller firms. As well, there are many firms that focus on those with a masters degree. These are usually the firms that produce award-winning type projects. If you are only looking to get a bachelors I suggest that you try and take as many upper level and graduate level courses that you can so that your resume will convey to potential employers that you have most of the skills and coursework that masters students have. All the best.
Thank you comment icon Eric, many firms of all sizing hire graduates with a BArch. A Master's degree is not required for working or becoming licensed. The best thing to do is be well rounded and open to learning throughout your career as an architect. "Upper level or graduate level courses" don't really mean anything. 2 years after you do graduate no one cares what you did in school. All that matters is the experience you have and how well you work with others. I'm sure structural engineering is different but for architects a BArch is all you really need. Dennis Link
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for spending the time to respond, I will definitely look into it! Judit