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What would a engineer do for work?how much money would you get?

How much money would you get how would you work as an engineer?

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Virginia’s Answer

Hi Wesley -

What an engineer does for work depends on both the type of engineering as well as the current position (s)he is in. For example, in my previous role I was a process engineer and my role was to help design a first of a kind machine to make a sterile wrap for hospitals to use. I continued in this role and also helped to install and validate the machine and then later to help improve the process flow (make it easier and simpler) and increase output. In my current role, I work on the upstream side to complete the initial legwork on a potential project to determine what it would cost to build/make/move and how likely we are to succeed depending on what all is involved. My husband is in the civil engineering field and works mostly on road construction projects. He uses various tools to map the current area and then AutoCAD or other programs to design the layout of the desired end result. These layouts are then handed to the construction crew to actually build the new roads.

Pay, again, depends on a number of factors but a good range for someone fresh out of college would be $60,000 - $80,000.