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What kinds of jobs are related to Psychology?

Psychology is a major that I am interested in. #myfuture

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1 answer

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Ben’s Answer

Hi Karoline,

Good news! There are plenty of career opportunities available for graduates who studied Psychology. It's a very popular major for undergraduates- around 1 million people have graduated with a degree in Psych in the past 10 years according to the National Center for Education Statistics - partly due to its versatility and the available opportunities after college. I was someone who majored in Psychology and found a career in recruiting/staffing/human resources because I knew I wanted to work with people.

According to the American Psychological Association, about 25% of undergraduates who majored in Psychology go on to graduate school related to the field, 18% go on to get a graduate degree not directly related to Psychology and the remainder are workforce graduates.

Are you interested in healthcare? A possible career could be related to clinical psychology, research, psychiatry, or counseling.

What about business or HR? You could find yourself working in marketing to find out why customers prefer one brand over another, or employee relations, recruiting, and/or industrial psychology.

Passionate about technology? Psychology graduates are joining computer-science graduates in the field of IT as User Experience designers/analysts/researchers - identifying why users prefer one app over another or how a program could be better designed for its targeted audience through human-centered design.

If you see yourself helping people out in the field, a career as a social worker, community relations specialist, or even a police officer/FBI agent.

Bottom line is there are tons of options for graduates with psychology degrees and many more than just what is listed above.

Hope this helps!