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What classes should I take to be a sports commentator?

I am an 8th grader that have lower A grades. I am in 4 sports, and I want to be a sports commentator. I was wondering what classes I should take. #sports-commentator

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2 answers

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Sherita’s Answer

While in grade school I would say join the school paper and focus on sports. Having the background in writing your reviews will help when commentating. That's if you have the time away from practice and even if you participate in AAU or other leagues outside of school. There are several people who can write your material but not speak with your passion voice and knowledge of sports. This can transfer to college courses like Sports Media, Public Speaking, Sports Journalism. If the grade school you attend now or high school has a media broadcasting course, that'll also be a great start and you can use that as leverage when applying for colleges and potential scholarships if you're not awarded any for athletics.

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Dominic’s Answer

Most high schools do not have the courses that can be additive to a sports broadcasting career. However, if your school has classes like public speaking, radio, etc., those are helpful.

College programs are available at some universities and you should research the best sports journalism programs in the country. Syracuse has a fantastic reputation.

Dominic recommends the following next steps:

Research College programs
Read articles on the starts of some of your favorite non ex-athlete sportscasters