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Where do I look to find the best jobs that will help me in the long run?

I want to get a job, but I don't want one that will just get me by, I want to get one that will help me in the long run and be beneficial for a future career. Where would you recomment looking for a job that will help me in the long run?


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2 answers

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Ockert’s Answer

I used LinkedIn as my platform. Allot of professionals on this website and available positions. Just be careful of scams and companies that makes promises, when interviewed. BEFORE ACCEPTING A JOBOFFER, GET ANY OOFER ON PAPER AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THIS SAID COMPANY, BEFOREHAND. I know what I'm talking about. Got the T-shirt. I. Im construction for almost 20years and qualified on certain courses I did. Construction is a nice trade to be in, it teaches you allot and every day you learn something. It makes you hands on and creates a man out of you.

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Michael’s Answer

That’s pretty tough to answer without understanding where you’re headed. Knowing what you’re studying, your interests, major, relocation options, school and work history would all give more information that would allow for a better idea of how to point you in the right direction.

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Provide more information about your future plans.
Talk to people currently working in that field.
Speak with a guidance counselor at school.