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How can college make scholars more accepting to different ideas, traditions and cultures around the globe?

Can college help us humans come together as one by bringing the same educational goal, but in what different ways on campus can this occur and what it can bring to our future working selves? #united #college

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2 answers

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May’s Answer

Hey there, Chandler! Education is imperative in cultivating empathy for the other. Once we learn that us humans have more in common than we have different, then we will (hopefully) learn to live together peacefully.

The role of college is bringing students of different backgrounds together on one campus. What we often forget is that the professors also come from different backgrounds— therefore, it is important to take advantage of this fact and take classes with professors that have different views than you. You will learn more from a professor who you differ in ideologies with than a professor who thinks exactly like you.

Though all humans come from one race, we do need to point out our superficial differences to cultivate empathy and love for one another.

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Lindsay’s Answer

Hi Chandler, you are thinking along the right lines here. The question is born of a vision you have, though, not one we can tell you. Senior folks will not save the world (in case you haven't noticed, we have done a suboptimal job so far). Every new generation has something unique to add. You are asking us the questions we should be asking you. Go do the thing, my friend!