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How did I make sure that I am doing what I love in the near future while also being able to make enough money so that I am financially stable? #InNeedOfAdvice #WhatWouldYouDo #HelpMePlease #Finance

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

I want to study journalism to become an Arthur when I am an adult. I understand that becoming an Arthur is a flexible job and is does not always have a steady pay, but this is something I have a passion for. I want to be able to do what I love and maintain a stable financial lifestyle as well.

I am interested in writing because it allows me to express myself in ways that I verbally can not. I keep a journal that I write in once a day to collect all of my thoughts to help me remain sane. One of my long term goals is to become a "New York Times Best -Selling Arthur."

What is some advice you could give me when it comes to following your dreams/passion?
How do I make sure that I am financial stable while doing the things that I love?
What were some challenges you may have had when considering these things during your career journey?

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Justin’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi there! You are asking some really good questions. I also love to write and the first thing I want say is if you love writing, you should never stop! When we think of being a writer, most people think of authors of books or newspaper journalists. But, I want to let you know that there are some other pretty great jobs and careers out there where you can write and make a living full time. Two of the areas to consider are marketing and advertising. Marketing teams often have people who can write creatively about the company, events, employees, products and customers. You might have a chance to write a company blog or contribute to the stories on the company website. My girlfriend is a writer for an Advertising Agency. The title in advertising is "Copywriter". She gets to be creative every day and write some of the things you have heard in product commercials or seen in magazines and websites (like T-Mobile, and Pepsi). She started out just like you, as someone who loved to write and wanted to find a way to make that into a job. Both marketing and advertising companies usually offer internships. And as a writer myself, I suggest continuing to write as often as you can. Write all different types of things and keep your work. Internships will usually ask for a sample of your writing when you apply. This will be your time to shine and show your passion for writing! I only mentioned two writing careers but there are also jobs like: Screenwriter, Technical writer, Video Game writer, and Government Grant writer. There are a lot of options out there and you can also write that next New York Times Best Seller while doing it! Hope that help and best of luck.

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