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when am I going to become a YouTuber

Asked Miami, Florida

2 answers

Courtney’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

The answer is up to you as far as when you'd gather the equipment you'd like to use, start with a channel idea then record the videos. My advice for equipment is to start with what you have which is a smartphone, come up with an idea and topic you are passionate about, learn how to edit the videos in iMovie and record!

Courtney recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine what you'd like to talk about on your YouTube channel
  • Gather the necessary filming equipment
  • Film 1 video to see if you like it
  • Edit and upload the video

Teddy’s Answer

The internet is your oyster! If you have access to a computer with internet, you can hop on youtube, and start looking around at different type's of video's to get a sense of the content you'd like to make. Be unique and try to capture a unique channel of interest.

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