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How will I help myself prepare for the next level of independence in college?

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3 answers

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Bella’s Answer

Hi Gabriella,

This question is a great way to start because you are actually trying to prepare your mindset on what is to come. For me, going away to college taught me so many lessons in becoming more independent. I learned how to do household chores like cooking and laundry, create a schedule for classes, studying, working on group projects, extracurricular activities, and having fun with your friends , and create a budget and track expenses. Look for opportunities to learn (meet new people, take classes not attributed to your major, join clubs, volunteer in the community). I was an Industrial Engineering major, but I always made time to take a Creative Writing, Art, Dance, or History Class so that I can balance all my science, math, and engineering classes. College can feel overwhelming at times, so take time for self care so that you can recharge and feel refreshed to tackle new challenges. Really connect with people and network while you are in college. I've met so many lifelong friends and have ended up getting a job a different companies because I was referred by someone I went to college with.

Bella recommends the following next steps:

Write down your goals (what do you want to achieve)
Prioritize them (what is the most important to you to what is least important to you)
Create tasks and a schedule to complete them
Celebrate when you complete or accomplish a goal and revisit ones you haven't been able to prioritize or get done. See if those are still important to you. If they are make a plan to take them on if not, then consider removing it or updating it.

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Star’s Answer

I would definitely research financial advice for the newly independent college student. You want to make sure you make the best decisions up front so that you are set up for success in life. Check out this link: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/10556/the-top-10-money-tips-for-college-students/

In general, this website has great advice!

Star recommends the following next steps:

Check out The College Investor 10 Money Tips for College Students https://thecollegeinvestor.com/10556/the-top-10-money-tips-for-college-students/
View other topics of interest at https://thecollegeinvestor.com/

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Heather’s Answer

Hi Gabriella

Your focus on preparation is a great way to start. Understanding what basic task you will need to accomplish to reach your goals, and setting a routine and maintaining a schedule, will help you. This can be scheduling your study time for each class, household chores, and work as well as free time for friends. Adjust schedule when not working out for you, but staying focused on priorities will help you succeed. This is generalized advice, but if you have a more specific question, I would be happy to discuss more.