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Do dental hygienist make good money?

Asked El Campo, Texas

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Ken’s Answer

Exploring an opportunity to become a skilled technician is a great start to your job search education.  Money is always an important consideration before investing your time and energy into developing a skill.  Being a dental hygienist has a lot of benefits including being able to work virtually anywhere in the world.   The demand is all over the world.  As a result, the amount of compensation varies tremendously.  If you are in a high cost area of the country like New York, LA, or San Francisco, you are likely to make a lot more than if you are working in the middle of Kansas.  Hygienists in LA, SF, NY will likely make $60k/year and up.  If you are located in the middle of Kansas or away from a high cost region, your compensation will likely be around half that amount.  So, i would say that they make good money based upon where they are located in the country.  But there isn't a standard rate across the whole country.  Job security is pretty high and many offices allow you to work part time or full time.