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how much is a marketers annual salary

finance and buisness

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2 answers

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Ahmed’s Answer

Median Annual Salary

Take a look at some of the salaries for popular careers in marketing:

Marketing Career Median Annual Salary*

Marketing Specialist$62,560

Market Research Analyst$62,560

Advertising Manager$100,810

Public Relations Manager$120,420

Marketing Manager$131,180


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Alice’s Answer

Hi Jake,

It can vary depending on various factors:

  • the position (marketing specialist, product manager, content manager, etc...)
  • the company
  • the city/state
  • the industry
  • the experience

You would be surprised how the numbers can be different based on those only.

I would suggest you to check the websites like salary.com, glassdoor.com, etc. that will give you a better idea of the salary ranges based on the position and the location.

I hope this helps!