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If my strengths are leadership and math and my hobbies are baseball and exercise, what types of careers or industries might best fit me?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

2 answers

Lauren’s Answer

Hi Nolan!

You are definitely on the right track to figuring out what will best suit you and your interests. I did the same exercise before I went to college and before I started my job search. For example, my strengths are communication and technology and my hobbies are music and traveling. After that, I collected some of my favorite companies in the music and travel industries. For you, this might be the sports and health and wellness industries, such as any major sports college or professional team, or maybe the ticketing platform companies they use. From there, you can look up your favorite teams or brands on LinkedIn and see what kind of entry level jobs they have open. By starting at an entry level job (intern, coordinator, associate), this will expose you to many areas of the company where you will learn what you like and don't like. This can be the fun part!

It is important to always check in with yourself at different times in your life to see if what you have learned is keeping you on your same track or if you have learned something new and want to take a different direction. Having mentors, friends, or even careervillage.org to give you advice is always a great help too.

Best of luck!

Lauren recommends the following next steps:

  • Make a list of your favorite brands or companies
  • Take a look on Linkedin to find jobs that might be open.

Erika’s Answer

When it comes to being good at Math, there are so many opportunities! This could range from statistician to professor. Maybe even accounting :). Although I may be partial to accounting it is a great field to get into because even with my accounting degree I feel I have countless opportunities. I personally work in taxes but I am not confined to only working taxes.

Also, having hobbies like baseball and exercise are awesome to bring into your future workplace too. For the company I work for we have a gym right in the office and have a few different sports teams for the firm.