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what careers are a good fit if i like solving complex puzzles

Asked Maine, Maine

how your skills could fit with different careers

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Maggie’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Jaedice,

I really like that you're analyzing something you enjoy and are good at in your career choice. You're off to a great start!

I as well like solving puzzles, and I am in the accounting profession. Contrary to popular belief, accounting is more about solving puzzles than it is math. In accounting, we have to make sure that everything balances and if something doesn't balance, then we have to figure out why. There are many rules and relationships impacting the puzzle for each company, so the puzzle can get very complex. There are also many different types of accounting, with some main ones being tax, audit, forensic, managerial, and financial. Each of these presents different puzzles and they each have their complexities.

I'd recommend taking an introductory accounting class if you are able or reading up on accounting online. Before I chose to major in accounting, I audited a class at a community college, which meant that I had to pay to attend the class, but I wasn't tested on any of the material and it did not go into my college transcript. This allowed me to get my feet wet and understand if this was something I'd enjoy pursuing.

However, at the root of most jobs are problems or 'puzzles' that require solving, so no matter which career you end up choosing, if this is a skillset you excel at and enjoy, then I think you'll be successful in whichever profession you pursue.

Best of luck!

Heather’s Answer


Consulting is a great job for people who are good at solving complex puzzles. Consulting can be very broad and can cover many different fields (i.e., healthcare, IT, management, etc.) but at it's core, consulting is about solving complex problems for different organizations. In fact, I have had managers who often like to start their team meetings with various puzzles and who encourage us to either solve puzzles individually or as teams on a daily basis!

Heather recommends the following next steps:

  • I would consider the types of puzzles you like to solve! Do you have an inclination towards numbers (maybe data analytics is for you)? Or perhaps logic problems (maybe this means you would be great a process re-engineering). Hone in on something that is a specific strength of yours and then identify a consulting field that is applicable!