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How to Overcome the Phobia of Gynecological Exams?

This article discusses how a female can overcome the phobia of gynecological exams by consulting the best gynecologist in Dubai. Please feel free to read more to learn more about this topic


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2 answers

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Yolanda’s Answer

  1. Research what's to expect during the exam.
  2. Get recommendation from family/friends of a good doctor
  3. Become familiar with your anatomy and how it works and things to be concerned about.
  4. Understand the doctor is there to give you feedback on how healthy your body is.
  5. At your appointment, relax, relax, relax.

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Avanti’s Answer

Hi Maheen,

To get rid of any exam related phobia you should always work harder towards understanding the subject matter thoroughly and practice examples and different set of questions as much as you can.
Because if you are well prepared, you feel the confidence in yourself and can achieve anything.

Hope this helps :)

All the best!