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Was it worth getting the degree in psychology?

Was it worth going through all of the school and spending the money

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2 answers

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uma’s Answer

Of course. Psychology is a field which is quite interesting and will always be in demand.But you will have to prove how good of a psychologist you are !!!

You should publish some papers based on your analysis and researchs.

The more you work on buliding your grasp on the subject ,the more interesting the people around you will become.

Good Luck !!!

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Mechele’s Answer

Hi Dahlia,

I have a bachelors in arts in psychology. Psychology has opened the doors for so many different opportunities that it encouraged me to get master's degree in mental health counseling and now I'm working on my PhD. I love studying mental health disorders and learning about the mind-brain. Depending on the state, psychology degree can be utilized for entry level jobs in social work and psychology. With a degree in psychology, the learning never stops especially with more and more research in the field. It is evolving which in my case makes it worth having this degree. Feel free to contact me if you have follow up questions!