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How many years of training do you need to be an EMT?

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2 answers

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Steven’s Answer

Hey Oscar, good question. There are three levels of certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NRMET), and each one takes a longer time to complete tan the previous one. Completion times for an EMT-B can be just 3-4 weeks, while training to become a Paramedic can take up to 2 years.

NREMT certifies medical professionals at three levels, EMT (or EMT-B), Advanced EMT (AEMT, or EMT-1), and Paramedic. EMT is the first level, and initial EMT experience is required to become a Paramedic. After completing an accredited EMT program, you can take the NRMET EMT exam, and passing that you are now a certified EMT.

Look at the average ranges of times required to become a certifiable EMT at these websites



And see the certification process at the NRMET official webiste here:


Steven recommends the following next steps:

Look into local EMT training programs around your area at https://www.caahep.org/Students/Find-a-Program.aspx

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Logan’s Answer

Hey Oscar,

I reiterate Steven's answer above, but I also encourage you to look at EMT courses in college. I took an EMT course and was able to get my EMT-B certification by the end of the class. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, and it was helpful having the network of other students to go through all of our trainings together. Colleges typically have great affiliations with local hospitals to enable you to get your clinicals done rather easy.

Getting my EMT certification was an incredibly rewarding experience and I highly recommend it. Best of luck!