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what is a normal day for heavy machinery operator

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3 answers

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Jared’s Answer

A typical day is,
Wake up super early to get to the job site. Some jobs pay per diem (travel) to the site, others you just meet at the shop. Whatever the case it’s going to be before day light. The site superintendent usually will go over what needs to be done that day, unfortunately there are so many different aspects of operating heavy equipment it’s hard to put it in terms. But either way you will be put on a machine that will need to be checked out before you operate it. My company calls that a DEI (daily equipment inspection). After that I do whatever they tell me to dig,push,pull or drag!! Until sundown. Yes you will be working super long hours, I usually work over 60hrs per week.

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Jeff’s Answer

First you check all the fluid levels,then do a walk around inspection to look for leaks,worn parts, broken parts,missing or cracked parts. Start the machine,I usually clean the windows while it warms up some. Talk to the boss and see what your task is for the day,look around to see if any body is around your machine,go do whatever it is you are giving to do that day. When the day is done you lower all implements to the ground,let machine idle for a few minutes to cool down,shut it down,go home and get ready for the next day.

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Willy’s Answer

Wake up early so that you have arrived on jobsite at the least 15 min early to check out your equipment and warm it up . Then you'll have a toolbox talk meeting and get instructions to what you will he doing for the day wich all should last about 5 to ten min then run your equipment all day with probably a 30 min lunch sometimes work through lunch at te end of the day make sure if you dont have a service guy blow out all your filters check fluids that can be checked and fuel up equipment.