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how can i start a career in wildlife rehabilitation with no professional experience?

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I've always been a hands on person, i love to do work that requires effort and physical connection. I grew up around animals and recently discovered that what makes me happy in life is helping and trying to make the world a better place i regards to the environment and wildlife. I am looking for a career that allows me to work with animals but i have not decided what classes or courses want to take.

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Sandra’s Answer


I would suggest starting with some non-profit organizations that can use help. For example, the Los Angeles Zoo takes volunteers. I know you aren't anywhere near there, but perhaps you can check your local zoo and see if they take volunteers . I would also take a career inventory and see what your responses generate. The one provided by your state is:


There are so many jobs that you can do with animals, some you know about, and maybe others that you don't know about. This career interest survey will narrow down what you like and what jobs you are interested in.

I would also check volunteermatch.org and see if there are any volunteer opportunities there. Ultimately, you will need some kind of knowledge and experience to be able to rehabilitate animals . Here are the requirements to work as a wildlife rehabilitator in your state: