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what career would be good for me?

Asked Saginaw, Michigan

2 answers

Sara’s Answer


Hi Pahuk,

The best place to start is with a self evaluation to determine the things you like and don't like, strengths and weaknesses, the things you're looking for in a career, etc. There are also many personality tests available online such as Myers-Briggs or DiSC which can provide additional insight into your abilities and the types of careers most often associated with those personality traits. Lastly, I would recommend talking with your school counselor or on-site school resource as they can provide additional feedback based on what they already know about you.

Sara recommends the following next steps:

  • Personal Assessment
  • Online Assessment/Personality Test
  • Reach out to your school counselor or on campus resource

Sabeeta’s Answer

Updated Richmond, Texas

Hey Pahul

Tell me a bit about your passions and skills. I need to get a better understanding before we could jump into a pathway.

Sabeeta recommends the following next steps:

  • Lists your strengths
  • List the things people say you are good at