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What qualities do you feel are most important for a teacher to have?

I am a senior at Miller High School and I am planning on going to a four-year college to double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. I have chosen this career because I think it is important for students to get the correct learning experience and materials in a reasonable learning environment. #education

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2 answers

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Claudia’s Answer

The most important, should be caring and passion to help others, not for the money or the glory.  Teaching and mentoring are the keys to a child learning success, sometimes this can be the most challenging while helping other or teaching, but never quit on them.  Mentoring will always be the key for a good teacher and is the process to find ways how to help each student by understanding everyone is unique and not to apply a process that might not be a good fit.  Because of an amazing teacher and mentor I had during 8th grade, gave me the tools to accomplish my college education.

Thank you! VonnaGail S.

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Susan’s Answer

I feel that empathy is such an important quality for a teacher to have. So many times we just have no idea what background kids come from or what they might be dealing with at home. Teachers play such a huge role in student's lives. The ability to show empathy can really help students both in the classroom and in their homelife.