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Audrey C. Aug 26, 2018 276 views

How do you choose between a large public university vs. a liberal arts college?

I know there are benefits to both, and I’d like to get some input. Thanks! #college-bound...


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VonnaGail S. Aug 26, 2019 127 views

What qualities do you feel are most important for a teacher to have?

I am a senior at Miller High School and I am planning on going to a four-year college to double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. I have chosen this career because I think it is important for students to get the correct learning experience and materials in a reasonable...


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Cristal R. Aug 27, 2019 140 views

How many years does it take to become a clinical psychologist,what are some skills/education requirements for this career?

I'm a 16 year old female ,currently in junior year who loves to help people who are going through emotional problems and is very empathetic with people and is thinking into going into the path way of psychology but im not sure whats exactly is required to go into that career. #college...


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Patrick M. Aug 30, 2019 132 views

how munch will a wilder make on a big job

I am a student taking welding and I shoud be done in abut six month...


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Dana S. Apr 01, 2020 172 views

How do you balance your work and home life?

I am looking at pursuing medecine but I am not sure it is the lifestyle I want, since I am hoping to have a family and ensure I have time at home to spend with them. #student #medecine...


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Jorden C. May 06, 2020 227 views

How do you become a american history teacher??

I love history and I think I would be a good teacher.But I want to be a medflight pilot #history #education...