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How do you console familes who lost a young loved one?

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Ricardo’s Answer

It is very difficult to lose someone you love, they say the hardest thing in life is for a family to lose a young member. It takes allot of time and different steps to overcome a lose. The first thing you can do is bring all the support to the person, make him/her feel supported. Overcoming a lose starts with the own decision to move forward. Death is a natural process and the only certain thing in life, we are all afraid of it and it hurts losing someone you love.

The things you can do to help overcome the lose of a loveone is help the person to remember that besides the lose, there are many beautiful things in the world. Some people, depending on the reason of the lose, may get involved in some helping others programs to help others to go through a problem and that gives allot of satisfaction. This also may help, through getting involved helping with others problems, to accept that things can happen in life and many things dont depend on us.

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Michael’s Answer

That is a really tough question. The most important things is to not try and 'solve' the families problems. Any family who loses a young one will be in incredible pain and that is appropriate because losing a loved one (especially a child) is painful. Simply reminding them that you care about them, that you are sad along with them, and that you want to help them as best you can. It is not your responsibility to make their pain go away-that may never happen. You can always listen to them and do small acts like doing the dishes or bring them a meal or go hang out with them so they are not alone and check-in with them.

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Check-in with them and ask what they need or how you can help
Since they probably are in a lot of pain asking how they are feeling might be bad question to ask
Make sure you are reminding them that you care and check-in with them often