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How can I keep my grades good?

I am a kid that needs to know how to keep my grades good.


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3 answers

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swaroop’s Answer

Hi Cheng,

Attend all the classes and listening to lectures. complete the task on the same day.

Your grades will fall in place automatically.

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Bharath’s Answer

Be regular to school and attentive to the class. Though It does not mean to be a bookworm but more than grades, i wish you to be more practical in your learnings. . Share the knowledge with the needed people will help you to get stronger in your areas.
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Shirley’s Answer

Hi Cheng, it's important to attend all classes, listen well, take notes and give yourself ample time to do your homework. If you do not understand what is being taught make sure you ask questions. Even if you find a topic uninteresting or do not see its value, pursue learning something new every day. It will all come together and you will be rewarded in good grades and a bright future.

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