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What school do you think will be perfect for me?

I like to play games and gaming.


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Meron’s Answer

My assumption is that you are asking for a college recommendation here as opposed to what type of school you should go to (Associates degree program, typical 4 year bachelors degree program, trade school, etc.) You will find students at many schools who like to play games and gaming. So from the perspective of finding peers who share your interest, you will be okay at a lot of schools. If you want to turn your passion for gaming into a career, then there are a few ways to think about it:

1) You could consider becoming a video-game or phone-game developer; This will likely require a background in computer science so you will likely want to go to a school that has a strong computer science program;

2) Alternatively, if you have other interests as far as working goes (maybe you want to do marketing or maybe you want to do finance), but want to work a t a gaming company, you could always go to a school that has a good marketing program or finance program and then apply to a gaming company for a position in one of those functions;

3) Also worth considering if you want to work at a gaming company is that many companies hire locally. So if you want to work at a gaming company after college it might be easiest to do that if you go to college near some of the gaming companies you want to work for, or move near to them prior to applying once you are done with college.

Meron recommends the following next steps:

Look at job boards / career pages on gaming companies' websites to see what types of positions they hire for and what background and experience they look for.