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what made u want to do carpentry

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2 answers

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Lauren’s Answer

Carpentry is one of many in-demand trades-based skills that is greatly underserved. These jobs typically involve either vocational training at a trade school or an apprenticeship. Without students entering back into these fields, our nation will be in trouble. You can make around $40,000/yr starting out in most of these fields.

Lauren recommends the following next steps:

Look for a technical college/vocational school nearby.
Find a carpenter to train you as an apprentice.

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Riley’s Answer

One of the great things about carpentry is that there will always be a demand for this job. As long as people are still building things, there will always be carpenters so you don't have to worry as much as other people about job security. Also, anything that requires a trade school education instead of a 4-year university is always a cost-effective way to go because you are able to enter the workforce sooner after graduating from high school.